About Us

We do things a bit differently, and that's the way we like it!

Wine Matters is the Western Canadian distributor of suppliers and brands that represent the finest examples of leadership and commitment to quality and value in their respective categories.  We value the trust they place with our team and in turn, we provide the service and support that has helped achieve their success in our markets.  Our focus is brand building.  Our approach is built on trust, reliability, honesty and responding to our client and supplier needs.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to connect our suppliers with our clients while offering products of the finest quality and value! We strive to understand each and every unique market that we operate in as we understand that knowing the market is key to a brands success. At Wine Matters…And More, our goal is to build brands through our detailed approach to understanding both our suppliers and clients.

Our focus is both short term and long-term goals, strong market support, and analysis while keeping open and honest communication with both our suppliers and clients. Through our dedication to building brands, Wine Matters…And more has created the foundation to flourish for many generations to come

Wine Matters & More

Wine Matters & More